June 12, 2006

The god gene

A gene that causes increased sprituality has been found. This is not really a surprising discovery as it has been know before this that spiritual experiences where caused by a misfiring of a specific area of the brain, the Temporal Lobe, which causes a sensation of a presence. These experiences can be created on demand. This is then interpreted by the person through whatever cultural context they are in as a god, spirits, fairies, or aliens. That spirituality has a genetic component however does not excuse the pain caused by religion, such as when it drives people to brutally murder the weaker amoungst them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not every religious people murder other people. On the other hand, Stalin was an atheist, but that didn't stop him murdering people.

8:31 am  
Blogger chris said...

You can be spiritual without being religious and be religious without being spiritual. Stalin (who trained to be a priest) and Moa where followers of sects of Socialism, which has many of the aspects of a religion. Specifically they where the chief devotees of their own personality cults.

11:18 am  

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